Obi mountain snow and sea

obi toddler back carrier  

Vibrant yellow and finished in a tough fabric ideal for aqua and snow environments

see it in action!

OBI toddler carrier video


Wearing instuctions
OBI toddler instructions video

OBI toddler instructions video


Toddler Back Carrier by OBI

toddler back carrier

Ideal for travelling

Ideal for travelling family with small children or toddlers. Easily fits into the back of your hand luggage and weighs only half a kilo so you wont be needing that extra cargo.

Active families

Camping, walking, hiking and all sorts of outdoor adventures are here for the making - so small you wont even know you are a really a toddler carrier until your toddler needs a hand getting back home.

Tough, compact great value

Designed from traditional karate belt fabric but with 10 lines of stitching the obi is a fusion of a traditional japanese carrying method - but with modern safety

Minimul fuss, maximum adventure!

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