baby carrier
"...this is a great back up for when little feet need a rest, it looks stylish and I would recommend it to my friends..."

Independant review from Baby World


baby carrier


Baby to toddler back carrier

A lightweight baby to toddler carrier than fits in a smart specially designed case to carry your baby or toddler.
Designed specifically for back carrying toddlers and babies over the age of 14 months and up to 20 kg ( 44 lbs ). Smaller, lighter and more convenient than a backpack, the OBI maintains the weight close to your body for comfortable support.
Light and compact making it ideal for walking, air travel, holidays or just putting in your bag for getting around town.

14 months old
2 years old
4 years old
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Toddler Baby Backpack alternative

Does the same job as a baby / toddler backpack carrier, but is smaller, lighter and more convenient to carry. Keeps the weight of your toddler close to your hips for the best weight transfer, and minimal strain on your back.

Ideal for camping and baby travel

Ideal for the travelling family with babies and toddlers. Easily fits into hand luggage and weighs only half a kilo.


Traditional carrying method - modern safety

A traditional idea developed to ensure safety, convenience and durability. A must have baby to toddler to child accessory.

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