Baby Carrier for Toddlers Safety tips


We take safety extremely seriously. Our belts have been developed and tested over a long period to ensure that we have produced the best product in its category. However as with any child related product it must be used with common sense to ensure that you and your child have the very best experience. Please bear in mind the following points:


Do not use the baby or child carrier if you are suffering from or prone to suffer from back or neck complaints.
Do not use the baby or child carrier if your child is suffering any back or neck complaints.
Do not carry your baby or child long distances if you are suffering health problems particularly of a cardiovascular or coronary condition.
Do not attempt any extreme activites with your baby or child in the OBI carrier. (e.g. climbing, jumping, running, skiing). Do not use the carrier as a vehicle restraint of any type (e.g. bicycle).
If your baby or child complains that the belt is uncomfortable, it may well be that it is not mounted properly or that the belt is twisted. Ask your baby or child if they are sitting comfortably in the OBI carrier whenever it is mounted.

This is not a detailed list of safety points, but just a starting point which is augmented by your common sense. If you are in any doubt as to what activities the belt is secure for, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Carrying a child is the sole responsibility of the child carrier.


Martin Watts

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