Baby Carrier for Toddlers mounting instructions

  Put the centre of the belt around the back of your child. Make sure the 'OBI baby carrier' text is the right way up. This will ensure that the belt is the right way round. Fasten the velcrose strap F across the chest of your baby / child.
  Kneel in front of your baby / child and drape the belt across your shoulders so that the belt is not twisted. Ensure that the vertical chest strap adjusters are face up. Ensure at all times that the baby / child is standing on a stable surface.
  Fasten the chest clip at this point and tighten. The chest strap can be adjusted to the abdominal level if that is more comfortable.
  Pass the two ends of the belt behind your back and cross them under the bottom of your baby or child. Make sure your baby or child is already in a piggy back position so that the belt will act as a seat support.
  Bring the two ends of the belt around your waist. Fasten the main belt buckle A and tighten until it is comfortable and secure.
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