We love getting feedback from our customers. Here are some of the unsolicited reviews we have found on the interenet since the launch of our product in 2008.   For air travel

The OBI carrier is a lifesaver when traveling by air in that you can simply toss this into your carry on and go rather than paying extra to check a traditional back carrier.

For comfort

The OBI is so lightweight that you essentially have just the child’s weight to more   It works a treat for that situation, really lightweight, compact and cheap compared to other backpack type more   This is a great back up for when little feet need a rest, it looks stylish and I would recommend it to my more
K Nlanchard
  WHAT A FANTASTIC BIT OF KIT! Makes carrying the kids effortless. A+
D McMullen
  Thanks very much. The obi is a brilliant design i can't wait to use it. I've borrowed one before for my 18month old and used it with my 3 year old as well. They both loved it and fell fast asleep in it without killing my back and shoulders.

Trying one out......

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